Section 12 - Part 1

After Umere the Warty returned him to human form, Turtan Hos told the Starchaser crew that “angel’s monument” could only be Sword Height, a huge statue of an angel on the other side of Inais. This part of their mission accomplished, the crew returned to Dynartle to collect Leraque and board the Starchaser so they could head to Sword Height to deal with Tanagabelsamu. Unfortunately, the math mage was nowhere to be found in Dynartle.

Nameless decided to seek out Sir Icon Clash who had promised to keep an eye on the surly hermit. Meanwhile, Atem and Sir Brom Lionsoul went to buy a new sword to replace the one that Sir Brom had had eaten by a rust monster. Nameless discovered that Sir Icon had disappeared, and Sir Brom successfully purchased his new sword. Snukit told them that Lerque had gotten fed up with the “civilization” of Dynartle and had ported up to the Starchaser. Sir Icon had followed him, trying to fulfill his promise to keep an eye on the math mage.

While in the porter circle station, the Starchaser crew met with a gang of Union of Agreement goons. The goons were soundly trounced, and slunk off with tails between legs, promising that this wasn’t over…

Once on the Starchaser, the crew found the ship empty. The only place to search for their missing friends was Section 12, the mysterious and sinister section of the ship that they had been warned against entering. Upon stepping into Section 12, they were transported to a strange maze that led to…elsewhere…

While in the Dodecamaze, the crew saw a vision of six stars that broke away from the dance of the Cosmos. These six stars – Hadar, Acamar, Gibbeth, Ulban, Caiphon, and Nihal – converged on a single point in the Cosmos. Upon the convergence, Nihal exploded and the other five vanished. Centuries passed, and five of the stars – all but Nihal – returned to the Cosmos. These five stars seemed to chase a realm that broke from its path. They overtook it, and a blackness spread from this realm, growing to cover the entire Cosmos. The vision ended with a tentacled monster entering the Cosmos, growing until it filled the entire Cosmos, devouring everything. It opened like an eye, and the Starchaser crew knew it was looking directly at them…



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