Swamp Scuffle

The Starchaser crew searched the tower of Turtan Hos, and finally encountered him. Unfortunately, he’d been transformed into a frog, and was only able to communicate using body language and hopping. He did manage to convey to them that they should seek out Umere the Warty, a swamp witch who could transform him back into a man, and who was unfortunately his ex-wife.

The crew found Umere, and finally convinced her to help them and Turtan Hos. She needed three things – the skin of an albino crushgrip constrictor, a big chunk of stirge guano, and her magic bowl, which had been stolen by an orc swamp wizard named Engurn.

The crew tackled the snake, Pinmuck, first. Or rather, he tackled them. The snake was a wily old resident of the swamp, and had defeated numerous opponents before; he proved to be a considerable challenge, but the Starchaser crew managed to emerge victorious (but just barely). Next, the crew sought out the stirge guano. Sir Brom bravely put himself in the center of the swarm, and the rest of the crew managed to slay the bat-mosquito-things with lots of fire and explosions.

While investigating the quano pile, they discovered an intact sheet of parchment that mentioned stars travelling strange paths across the Cosmos. The stars were named: Hadar, Acamar, Gibbeth, Nihal, Ulban, and Caiphon. The parchment also mentioned Tadan, presumably an astronomer who’d studied these stars. The strange thing – all six of these stars had mysteriously disappeared over 4500 years ago, long before travel through the Cosmos was possible.

The crew didn’t understand this information, and since it had no bearing on their current mission, they tucked it away and proceeded on to Engurn’s cave lair. The orc alchemist wasn’t happy to see them, and the crew fought yet another epic battle just to drive him off and escape with their lives. While investigating the lair, they encountered a talking statue named Middib who told them that Engurn was an insane alchemist from a clan of insane alchemists. The crew promised to find a way to return Middib to his human form. Middib suggested that Engurn was the kind of person that would seek retribution on Umere for sending armed thugs against him to reclaim her bowl, and so the crew hustled back to Umere’s home, hoping to catch Engurn before he could harm the swamp witch.

Engurn was already there when they arrived, but the Starchaser crew slew him with extreme prejudice. They retrieved the magic bowl, and Umere gifted them with magic belts made from the skin of Pinmuck as tokens of her gratitude. Nameless discovered a strange alchemical substance called Madness Mist that Engurn had evidently developed. He has two sample bottles of the compound, and seems excited to study it.

Now the crew must escort Umere to Turtan Hos’ tower where she will perform the ritual to transform him back into a man. Then, they can hopefully learn about “angel’s monument” and travel there to deal with Tanagabelsamu. And after that, maybe they can escort Leraque to Enthadu, and he can do his thing to find the “hopping realm.”



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