The Math Mage

Sir Brom Lionsoul, Nameless, and Atem – personal operatives of the queen of Enthadu – met with First Sorcerer Kaemy’s apprentice, Vesango. The young wizard told them that he was to accompany them on a mission to find Kaemy’s old friend Leraque; the old mathematician could be the only way to find the strange “hopping realm” that Kaemy believes is where an alien threat is entering the Cosmos. The four interrupted an assassination attempt on Queen Darshy, and were rewarded with the Starchaser, a star ship capable of travelling the Cosmos, which they would use while in the Queen’s service.

The four travelled to Inais, the last realm where Leraque was known to reside. Once there, they learned of a group of bandits called Awbel’s Marauders that had kidnapped Leraque. They tracked the Marauders down and killed Awbel and Lozael – a priestess that hoped to use Leraque to find the “hopping realm.” Evidently, Lozael was a servant of the alien threat, and she had corrupted Awbel with her dark religion (Awbel had four red scars on his neck). With Leraque in hand, the crew of the Starchaser prepares to head back to Enthadu and deliver the math mage to First Sorcerer Kaemy…



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