Trouble in Dynartle

Having defeated Awbel and his mistress the priestess Lozael, the crew of the Starchaser had rescued Leraque, the “math mage” that First Sorcerer Kaemy needed for help in locating the “hopping realm.” Leraque told the crew that he needed to return to his hut to retrieve his personal effects, and he also wanted to contact Kaemy before the trip to Enthadu.

Upon arriving at Leraque’s home, the Starchaser crew found that a squatter had taken up residence; Ertorust the goblin necromancer and his zombie manservant Lucius were there! Ertorust tried to bluster the crew, but they would have nothing of it, and drove him off after killing his beloved Lucius.

Leraque led the crew to a secret secret room, and when he attempted to contact the First Sorcerer on his holo system, a creature clad in tight leather robes with a bird skull for a head appeared on the system. The device exploded in a flash of light.

Later, upon returning to Dynartle, the crew met Sir Icon Clash, a member of Sir Brom’s order of knighthood. Vesango stressed that the crew had no time to reminisce, and they made their way to the porter station. There they found Snukit, the cute halfling attendant, a mere shadow of her former vivacious self. They soon learned that she was under the power of the mysterious bird-skulled nemesis, Tanagabelsamu. The alien beast told them to bring Leraque to “angel’s monument” or Inais would be destroyed. Vesango argued that time was of the essence and that Leraque must be brought to Enthadu with all haste, but the crew decided to investigate Tanagabelsamu’s threat and put an end to the alien thing if possible. Leraque stayed in Dynartle, and headed to the Naked Bard to pass the time. Meanwhile, the Starchaser crew went to consult with Turtan Hos, a sage who might be able to tell them about the angel’s monument.

Once inside the sage’s tower, the Starchaser crew encountered Und’bann, a beholder rival of Tanagabelsamu. They defeated the aberration and his slaves, but found no sign of Turtan Hos. Perhaps a more thorough search of the tower is in order…



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