half-elf arcanist, apprentice to the First Sorcerer


lvl 7 artillery

HP – 56
AC – 22
Fort – 19
Ref – 19
Will – 21

Speed: 6
Init: +5
Perception +7, Arcana +12, History +12

Shock Wand: + 11 v AC, d10 + 2 lightning (MBA)
Force Wand: ranged 20,+ 11 v ref, d10 + 6 force (MRA)
Thunderwave: close blast 3 (all), + 11 fort, d6 + 7 thunder, push 3 (at will)

The Vesango Special: ranged 10, + 11 ref, 2d8 + 6 radiant, allies next to target make save rolling twice (encounter)

Arcane Healing…Not as Good as Divine: close burst 5, 1 ally in burst, ally spends surge and is slowed til end of next turn (minor, 2x enc)
My Little Chess Pieces: close burst 5 (Vesango and allies in burst), til end of his next turn, he and targets can shift as minor (minor, encounter)

S 11
I 19
W 18
D 15
C 13
Ch 10


Vesango is the apprentice of First Sorcerer Kaemy of Enthadu. He is also a member of the Queen’s Guard, and part of the Starchaser crew. A young man of skill and ambition, Vesango is often curt and a bit sarcastic. He is well aware of his skills (both strengths and weaknesses), and he isn’t afraid to put them to use.

Vesango is a young half-elf, and wears maroon and navy clothing. He wields two wands in combat, and has runic symbols tattooed on his body. He is skilled in both destructive and restorative magicks, and knows several rituals.


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