Madness Mist

random alchemical substance


Madness Mist
The heavy liquid in this small vial swirls swiftly in a riot of clashing colors. When the vial is opened, the liquid bursts into a mist that does…things…to whoever breathes it. It is unknown whether Engurn the mad alchemist developed the formula himself, or if he simply learned it from somebody else. What is known is that whoever came up with this stuff has a twisted sense of “humor.”
Range: 5/10, one target
Att: Level +3 vs Will
Roll a d12 on a hit (save ends unless otherwise noted):
1. Berserker – the target attacks the nearest creature with -2 ATT and +4 dmg. The target will continue to attack that creature to the best of its ability until the condition ends.
2. The Stars Weigh Too Much – weakness.
3. Fragile Skin – the target takes double damage from any attack that hits it.
4. Spiders – slow and vulnerable 10 poison.
5. Poppies – slow (save ends); first failed save, unconscious (save ends).
6. My Father’s Father – +2 ATT and dmg.
7. It Burns, IT BURNS!! – ongoing 5 fire dmg.
8. Hurricane Master – 10 ongoing thunder dmg, any attack that hits an enemy is lightning dmg and gives 10 ongoing lightning dmg (save ends).
9. So Cold – slow and weak, if the target hits with a basic attack it can make another basic attack as a free action (and these can string together).
10. Too Many Puppies – dazed.
11. Fight, Fight, Fight – target can make only basic attacks (move and attack, that’s it).
12. Our Doom – all attacks the target makes are automatic criticals; the target takes an amount of damage equal to the damage dealt with these attacks.


Madness Mist

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