The Cosmos is…everything. It can be thought of as “known space” were one so inclined. Realms whirl around stars that spin around each other. It is full of black emptiness between the realms and stars, and no creature can survive in this void. The Cosmos is cold and dark, dotted with tiny pricks of light and life, and these are few and far between.

Travel through the Cosmos is possible with the use of star ships. These vessels are used by most intelligent beings in the Cosmos, and their method of construction varies. The most common form of star ship a spiky metal sphere. Almost all star ships are powered by a dragon engine, a furnace connected to the star ship by pipes that run throughout the vessel. Dragon engines are fueled by actual dragons; every vessel that uses this form of propulsion (almost all star ships) has a dragon to make it go. These dragons are considered little more than slaves or machinery. An ancient pact binds the dragons to servitude, but neither dragons nor their masters remembers how or why the pact was formed.

Only a tiny portion of the Cosmos has been explored. The area beyond the Known Cosmos is referred to as the “edge.” It seems obvious that there must be other realms beyond the edge, but the great distances involved defy easy exploration.

Realms in the Cosmos include:

  • Enthadu
  • Baravar
  • Enthler
  • Insok
  • Inais
  • Tiend


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