Enthadu is a temperate realm ruled by King Agever the Boy. Enthadu recently lost the Void War, and is now beset by enemies from without and within who wish to take advantage of the inexperience of the young king.

The largest city on Enthadu is actually the Castle of Light, from which King Agever rules. The Gateway of the Heavens, the main “space port” of Enthadu, is located here.

Enthadu is populated mainly by humans and elves, but members of most “friendly” races (dwarves, halflings, gnomes, eladrin, and deva, particularly) can be found here. Due to crippling sanctions placed upon the realm by the Union of Agreement, Enthadu is mainly cut off from the rest of the Cosmos. Her only ally realms are Baravar and possibly Enthler, with which King Agever has recently opened up secret diplomatic negotiations.

A terrorist organization known as Free Enthadu has recently made an attempt on the life of the queen.

The king’s court includes:

  • Chancellor Rheest, Foreign Minister
  • First Sorcerer Kaemy
  • Batas, Royal Treasurer
  • Ealey, Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Ages, Minister of Arts
  • Turen Bite, Minister of Culinary Concerns
  • Lasysi, Minister of Agriculture
  • Cathar Perfect Uskash, High Priest
  • Tyxon, Minister of Insects and Arachnids
  • and many, many others
    Note that many of these positions were created during Emperor Agevel’s reign, and King Agever plans to eliminate many of them due to the lightness of the realm’s purse. This is naturally not a well-accepted plan by most of the Ministers.


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