Inais is a swampy realm, a member of the Union of Agreement. It is located close to Enthadu.

King Er’mosa, ruler of Enthadu, was assassinated during the Void War by Enthadu operatives, and now his son, King Er’barod, rules. During the attack, the brilliant Admiral Konfey was also killed, effectively removing Inais from the war.

It is a poorly-kept secret that the King and his wife, Queen Poluva, hate each other. King Er’barod’s mistress is Lady Onat, as everyone knows; Queen Poluva is better at hiding the identities of her lovers.

Inais is home to Leraque, a mathematician who lives in the swamp near Dynartle. There is also evidence in the Dynartle Swamp of the alien incursion into the Cosmos.


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