Queen's Guard

Sworn to protect the queen from any threat, the Queen’s Guard is an order of knights that answers to no one but Queen Darshy. Most of the citizens of Enthadu consider them little more than “parade knights,” but that’s only because it is during parades when most see them. These guardians are all well-trained warriors and mages, and many of them are skilled in the arts of disguise and espionage. It is unknown exactly how many are in the Queen’s Guard, and that’s exactly how they and Queen Darshy want it.

Queen Darshy has recently promoted a number of her Guard to a newly created task force. The purpose of this task force is to solve unusual problems that threaten Enthadu or the queen herself. There are currently four (or five) members of this group:

  • Nameless
  • Sir Brom Lionsoul
  • Atem
  • Vesango
  • (Snubnose, Starchaser’s dragon)

The emblem of the Queen’s Guard is a red rose crossed with a silver sword, both on a white shield.

Queen's Guard

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