Starchaser is a star ship, a vessel capable of travelling through the void of the Cosmos. Like most star ships, Starchaser is powered by a dragon engine, a furnace-like device that delivers the energy of dragon breath throughout the various systems of the ship. Starchaser resembles a spikey ball, gold in color, and is considered a small star ship.

Starchaser has controls similar to all star ships of the same design (the “spikey ball” design is rather common):
o The spikes on the ship attract/repulse magically – stellar bodies (stars, realms, comets, other various stuff) give off a magic aura that the spikes react with, providing propulsion and guidance.
o The crew can punch in coordinates for easy flying, or, for fine control, the vessel can be guided with a crystal track-ball-like steering device.
o The bridge of the Starchaser is a round room, and it is here that the star ship is controlled. Visuals are provided by a liquid screen that moves so the crew can see in any direction (this screen resembles a waterfall).
o Communication with other vessels is provided by a hologram device; this device is a pedestal upon which is a mass of liquid metal that takes the form of the image being displayed.

Starchaser is powered by a dragon engine, which is fueled by an enslaved dragon. Starchaser’s dragon is named Snubnose; he is a young gold dragon at fifty years, merely a child as dragons reckon it. Rather than a bed of treasure, Snubnose sleeps on a pile of chains. He is a voracious reader, interested in botany and horticulture.

The crew of the Starchaser:


Starchaser dragonface