The Void War

Four years ago, Emperor Agevel of Enthadu started the Void War, unleashing upon the Cosmos his terrible weapon, the Void Cannon. This horrific device was capable of annihilating entire realms, exterminating life with never-before-seen efficiency. Entire cultures were wiped from existence, and more than one species of intelligent life was destroyed forever.

A coalition of realms – the Union of Agreement – rose up to resist Enthadu and her allies. After three years of bloodshed and destruction, the Union defeated Enthadu and the self-styled Emperor Agevel. The cost in lives was a terrible toll, but freedom was restored in the Cosmos.

Emperor Agevel and his ministers and generals were executed. His two oldest sons had been slain in the war, and his queen threw herself from the highest tower in the Castle of Light. The sanctions placed on Enthadu and her allies were oppressive and vengeful.

The Emperor’s only surviving son, Agever, has taken the throne. Although only thirteen years old, he tries to rule to the best of his ability. He wants only what is best for his people, and he understands that most of his subjects are not happy with a scrawny, bookish boy king.

The Void War

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